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Roses for Ruth

 (c) 1978, 1998, 2014 Susanna J Dodgson

Dr Krebs
Surviving your friends
Black Forest summer
Roses for Ruth

Born into a prosperous Jewish family during the First World War, she survived hell and at the end of her life lived surrounded by roses in a house that her husband built.
Spying for England
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The Irish Rose

She was 24, a medical graduate from Ireland, Germans were bombing England, and the senior surgeon was an idiot.

The White Rose of Poland

She was in Warsaw when it was attacked by land, sea and air, and 1.5 million German soldiers arrived to enslave the population.

Bombing Florence Nightingales's Hospital
Professor Hannover

He was a Jew, he lived openly and happily with a Prussian army officer who grew and prepared all his food, he was a Nobel Laureate and he ran a research institute in Berlin, all through the second world war, right until the Russian army liberated Berlin and smashed his lab.
Landing in the compost
The Synagogue