Emerald Pademelon Press LLC

Manuscript submission

Emerald Pademelon Press LLC is looking for manuscripts that can be published as print books or ebooks, or even as booklets.

If you look through this site, or through the four other sites we publish, you know we do not watch daytime television, or any television soap operas or reality shows, and are focused on science, climate change and human rights. We are additionally interested in sustainable living and links between lifestyle, nutrition, renewable energy and health.

If you can incorporate all of that into a novel, we want it! But what we really want is clean, elegant writing that does not belittle the reader, or the subject, and that teaches while it entertains.

Book for children; that would be great. Even better if a timeless story is accompanied with great drawings.

How to submit your manuscript:
a) send a double-spaced manuscript of the synopsis to publisher@mjota.org. If we think it is publishable, we will work with you, but the manuscript has to have something that grabs us and forwards our mission.
b) send a short bio of who you are. Write about what drives you, what has pushed you to the point of wanting to tell the world your story
c) explain why you want EPP to publish you
d) explain what you want: ebooks, print books (how many) and what you are willing to do to help market the books.
Do you want an objective review by a third party? We can provide a written review on request for a fee.