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www.drsusanna.org: essays, videos, audios, pictures and news feeds from countries in Africa, from countries in the Caribbean, from countries with African communities

www.mjota.org: health topics and the Medical Writing Institute

www.emeraldpademelonpress.com: publishing and all things connected

www.peacescientists.org: peace scientists know that peace is knowledge, and a science
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Emerald Pademelon Press LLC publishing list:
"When Fire Jumps" by SJ Dodgson click here
Philadelphia sends love to 20 good men, jailed because South African cops lied." by Congolese 20 & SJ Dodgson click here
"Tiny Dogs and Violets tales of love and passion" March 10 by SJ Dodgson click here
"Roses for Ruth" January 25 by SJ Dodgson click here
"Waiting for Framboise" February 10 by SJ Dodgson click here

During 2015, we would like to publish ebooks, audio books and print books by other authors. If you would like Emerald Pademelon Press LLC to consider publishing your ebook or print book, publisher@mjota.org.
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From the book of short stories, Tiny Dogs & Violets click here